The infamous Lord Brownlow, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth and the owner of estates on several islands in the Caribbean, acquired La Sagesse estate in the mid - sixties.
Shortly thereafter he put up a gate at the entrance by the road effectively cutting off the surrounding community from access to the beach and to the nearby recreation field. In 1975 while Lord Brownlow was off the island, the newly emerging Jewel Movement led a group of protestors from the community to the gates of the estate where they tried and convicted him, in abstentia, for crimes against the people. The gates were broken down and the property was taken over by the people. When the revolution took hold of Grenada in 1979 the manor house and the surrounding areas were then turned into a military base. After the U.S. led intervention in 1983 the manor house was left in total disrepair with several hundred bats living upstairs and the property totally overgrown with bush.

In 1987 Mike & Nancy Meranski, while visiting Grenada with their 8 month old baby daughter Julie, came across Lord Brownlow's broken down manor house at beautiful La Sagesse beach. Intrigued and excited about the natural beauty and potential of it all, both as a hotel / restaurant and a place to live, they decided to leave Miami and start La Sagesse Nature Center.
At the time practically all of the hotels in Grenada were located in Grand Anse or Lance Aux Epines. Despite that, they went ahead with their plan. From the beginning they made a conscious effort to be as much a part of the surrounding community as possible. Hiring staff from the nearby villages, buying fish, fruit and vegetables from local fishermen and farmers and by making both tourists and members of the local community feel equally welcome. Starting out with just two rooms in the manor house, over the next 25 years, La Sagesse grew to its present intimate 12 rooms.